Title: Navigating the World of Nonprofit Loans

When: Every Weekday

Time: Wednesdays 9:30AM PT - 10:00AM PT / Thursdays - 4:00PM PT - 4:30PM PT

Duration: 30 Minutes

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Navigating the World of Nonprofit Loans

Your organization is on the frontline providing some of the most vital services in the life of our communities, but resources are perpetually in short supply. Impact investing solves this by bringing a customized solution that can free up significant dollars for nonprofits and ministries that have loan needs.

By coordinating impact investments, not charity, from supporters as well as bank options to fulfill the loan need, organizations have been able to realize savings of up to 60% on monthly loan payments.

Join us for this webcast as we explore a variety of loan options and how to best position your nonprofit to secure lower-interest financing.

Attendees will learn:

  • Ways to position your organization now to best secure financing
  • What loan options are available to nonprofits
  • How Impact Investing works
  • How your loan need can expand donor involvement

About our speaker(s): Todd R. Tarbert and Jeff Keller

Todd R. Tarbert, Founder and CEO of Semble . Todd is an attorney by background and spent the early part of his career raising capital for private companies and eventually started running technology companies. He has focused the past 10 years on developing innovative and sustainable support models for nonprofit organizations. By facilitating a comprehensive approach which blends traditional and socially-responsible forms of lending, Semble has been instrumental in helping secure lower-cost financing for its clients while helping to cultivate stronger relationships with donors.

Chris Walcott, President of Semble. With over fifteen years of experience in the financial services industry, Chris has spent the past 10 years working extensively with nonprofits offering consulting services in the areas of debt financing, capital restructuring, and partnership cultivation between socially-minded investors and organizations. Chris has also managed all aspects of loan servicing responsibilities for various lending entities.

Jeff Keller, Relationship Manager of Semble.  Residing in Boise, Idaho, Jeff has spent the last 17 years in banking specializing in nonprofit and church financing over the last decade. He is a retired Air Force veteran serving 20 years of active duty in remote locations like Mountain Home AFB, Idaho. He owned a successful business for 6 years upon leaving the Air Force. Jeff has been responsible for underwriting, analyzing, structuring and servicing loans for nonprofits. Jeff has said, "The constituency financing program of Semble is a win/win for the nonprofit borrower and the nonprofit supporter (investor)."

Semble provides a comprehensive approach for addressing nonprofit loan needs by assessing all available options with the focus on securing low-cost loan solutions that position the borrower for long-term financial success. What differentiates Semble and provides a unique option for nonprofits is it online investment platform that allows nonprofits to directly sources loan needs with its socially-minded investors. To date, an estimated $11 million has been freed up in interest expenses alone to better serve communities.