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Next Steps for Investors using Cash 


Next Steps for Investors Using Cash

Click here if you are using Retirement Funds

Thank you for making a commitment to participate in the funding of a loan for your nonprofit. Your involvement in this loan will play a huge role in helping the vision of your organization become a reality...and that is very exciting. 

So what's next? Here's what we will need from you in order to close this loan successfully. 

  • STEP 1Sign a Note Purchase Agreement (this will be sent to your email via DocuSign soon after making your commitment). 

  • STEP 2: Fund your commitment (you will be prompted to do this once we approach closing).

  • STEP 3: Designate a bank account to receive your interest and principal payments. We will send this form via DocuSign. 



Step 1: Sign the Note Purchase Agreement

You will receive a Note Purchase Agreement (NPA) to the email address you used to make your commitment.

This email will come from DocuSign and you will receive an email from Semble stating that it has been sent. 

You do not fund your commitment at this time and the NPA is not a legally binding document.

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Step 2: Fund your Commitment

When we approach closing, you will be prompted to fund your commitment and we will send you a password protected document with wiring instructions. We encourage you to call and verify these instructions over the phone due to industry best practices.

You have selected cash as your funding source. If you prefer to use an IRA, please click here.

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Step 3: Designate a Bank Account

Now it's time to receive your interest payments. You will designate a bank account to receive your quarterly payments (we do not have authorization to withdraw funds from this account).

This document will be also be sent to you via DocuSign prior to closing.

Why do we use DocuSign?

DocuSign is more secure than paper and we find their platform easy to use. DocuSign meets the industry’s rigorous security certification standards, and uses the strongest data encryption technologies available. No other Digital Transaction Management (DTM) company can match the enterprise security and operations investments DocuSign has made

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